Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Places of the Floren Empire

The places of the Floren at a glance.

Fenwatch: The Fenwatch is a cluster of land near the Southern tip of the Empire. The land is Known for its deep lakes and smelly Marshes, and As a result people are dissuaded from entering into the fenwatch. The fenwatch is loosely populated and the people living whiten are considered “Marsh people” (Think the Cajun people). Though the people live Hard lifestyles they enjoy a close knit community with little to none outside interference.

The Golden Coast: Situated on the far west coast of the empire This long strip of land is the longest non patrolled Highway of the empire. Stretching from the bottom of the empire and snaking its way beside the sea and warping around the top of the continent. Most men and women of the Floren empire live on the coast in small walled towns or Large city's making for a wonderful vibrant society of merchants and specialty workers. Though vastly uncontrolled the peoples take solace in small professional militias and highly trained body guards.

Irongate: The vast amount of land in the middle of the Floren empire belongs to Throne it self, and the city that houses it. Back before the Floren empire was conceived There stood a great Merchants guild called Irongate. It was ran by the dwarfs of Ironhill and their thralls, They ruled for many years enforcing harsh rules and horrible punishment for the crime smitten. And one day, They all disappeared.

Now Iron gate stands as the center of the Floren empire, With hundred of people living in the capitol of the realm, Overlook. A proud city that always seems to be milling or building or digging or farming.
Always. The city holds the throne of which good king Joseph sits dictating what need to be done for which situation.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Session 1: MURDER???? IN MY INN?

Ahhhhh, it feels good that after six months of planning and scheming like a madman. I could finaly sit down with the guys and play the bloody game.

Well for 25 minutes before people had to leave

Also with an HOUR of character generation for a LL game. Not that I should be complaining about that. it was good to see all the guys again and they have some wonderful characters that are just rearing to play with.

any hoo

I started with a small anecdote about why and where they are:
“ You Stand wet cold and dejected in front of a male Elf. Bugs, rain, and highway fees Has made this one of the worst treks you have ever included yourself in on . All of this Just to go get into the fenwatch. A glorified marsh. Not to mention that the Floren empire has not payed you for your time spent soldering.
“Dont forget about me.”

Those words echo
Davids lasts words echo. He died when you were ambushed on a patrol out in the syndicate highlands, David took a arrow for you a poisoned one, it was a slow death

the man Snaps “ Who gave you my sons sword?” He points at you 

 his eyes seem to hollow when he realizes

His legs give out and he drops to a low milking stool. Staring with a solemn intensity at his sons sword."

And so the shenanigans begun when a kid popped out from behind the stable where they were talking to the Mr Summerland. and walked up to Regnar the mountain troll.... I wont bore you with the "Deets" (details)  but it ended with the troll slapping the kid and angering the father who then threw them out and back onto the road.

But thank god for the well spoken Yeoman Of the group who talked his way back into the inn (Using Sirs and the like). After an awkward dinner and "funeral" they were sent to bed. only to be awoken by the sounds of slamming doors and yelling. Trill the assassin was in the room closest to the late night Debacle and was adamant in looking out the window. Where he saw a mugging taking place involving a scholar that they met earlier an three barely clothed ruffians that were stealing papers from the scholar.

An explosion and A bright flash of light occurs Trill then falls faint and collapses to the ground.

The others rush downstairs with the other guests and find the Mage stabbed, a ruffian missing his upper torso and paper strewn about.after a short chase into the woods the ruffians jump on their horses and make their getaway.

with no clues of who scholar is or why he was killed, They are only left with the papers strewn about.

After much deliberation and time, the papers seem to be filled with complex mathematical equations coupled lunar cycles.

after even more time and deliberation the thief solves the math equations and figures out that a tower is set to rise from the nearby sea every ten decades.
And the date it said to rises out of the ocean is tonight.....

all in all the session was to short and we were missing two player.

But it was still fun.


Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Recent history of Florah

BU: before unification
AU: after unification

Start: 0 BU Year of the Golem
    • The start of known time. And the first recordings of the petal throne- a non violent malevolent leadership made up of the elders of wandering nomads.
      ( the fist recorded society and the founder of the “Common tongue” a way to talk to other tribes and leaders)
    • The magicians guild is formed (Teaching the ways of peace though knowledge)

250 BU Year of the Ram
    • The petal throne was crushed by the Irongate empire- a lose knit band of merchant clans (Houses) bent on controlling the land the petal
    • (The first recorded ruler of the clans was Coarath Bendith, But was over thrown by a rival later that year)

270 BU Year of the Fox
    • The the next Irongate leader is chosen.
    • An splinter group of the magicians guild is formed, Naming themselves the necromancers (the magicians guild demanded that they stopped their self sacrifice or “self mutilation”)

300 BU The cataclysm
    • The irongate conglomerate fall For a unknown cause
    • Florah falls back into chaos

400 BU: Year of our lord
    • A boy is born to a guardsman in a merchants tower in the fenwatch

435 BU: Year of miracles
    • A war breaks out between two warlords that will decide who rules florah
    • During the battle of guromonda hold both the warlords are fatefully wounded by each others swords, and are forced with a decision. Both without sons their kingdoms will split apart.
    • Whilst bleeding out They decide to give their kingdoms to a young warrior named tyr
    • The warlords perish and tyr is crowned the second ruler of florah
    • Tyr unites both kingdoms and rules for the next 100 years.
    • The necromancer guild swears fealty to the throne

465 BU: Year of deceit
    • The magicians guild elects their second Arch Mage a warlock named Sullunar of the wild
    • He gathers a force to overthrow Tyr and his empire, in hope to rule Florah for himself
    • The war of Sullunar the warlock begins

1 AU Year of god hood
    • Tyr destroys Sullunar in battle, ending the war.
    • Tyr ascends to godhood to better watch his kingdom
    • Tyr decrees that all races equal.
    • Tyr decrees that magic is outlawed
    • Tyr decrees all religion shall be unified into one “Great church”
    • All Magicians are now gaurded by an holy church order “The knights of Tyr”

2 AU Time of peace
    • A Renaissance occurs

1346 AU
    • Tyr has not been heard since 1000 AU
    • skeptics believe he has left for good

1365 AU: year of the dragon
    • A new emperor is chosen by Laying hundreds of toys outin hopes of a child picking the childhood toys of tyr
    • The third emperor of Florah is named Fenrick Du galard
    • the Suldante empire forms
      ( a group of deep wilderness dwellers that value nature over man)

1458 AU:
    • Fenrick Du Galard dies by assassination
    • Domonic Havaland (a Suldanese man) seizes the throne

3453 AU:
-The Suldanite wars begin and Florah is engulfed in an miserable 30 year war
- Gulma Future feared Orc warlord is born

3483 AU:
-Brin summerland is killed by a Suldanese scout
-The Suldanite war ends when both armies call truce on the grounds of bankruptcy

Your journey begins

Thursday, 7 April 2011

We dont sleep.

....And you could hear them chanting their vile songs as they surrounded the monastery as if to announce what they are about to commit

I can still hear them

We don't sleep.
 for sleep is for the weak. 
We will eat.
to fill our hungered souls.
we just kill.
Rend the flesh from bone.
we wont stop.
Your tears will bring us joy.
You will Die
for that is what we are.

-Klive Farand's first hand account of the attack on Bulmak monastery

House rules!

Hi Guys Just some house rules today, Then some more Castle Daggerpoint Adventures.

Character Generation

1.Roll for the six ability scores using 3d6 In any order (discounting ones and twos) and then sprinkle two points around to where you see fit.
2. Then pick a race in which the ability scores qualify
3. Pick a class
4. If a fighter or fighter sub-class (IE Barbarian) is chosen and the character has 18 strength, roll for percentile strength.
5. Determine height, weight, and starting age, and once again adjust the ability scores accordingly.
6. Roll for starting hit points. Multi-class characters need to keep track of the separate rolls made
for each class.
7. Choose an alignment. Lawful-Neutral-Chaotic
8. Record Class-specific choices and computations: Spells, Thief Ability’s, Class-specific Ability's
9. Clerics Pick A religion (Ask DM for bonus Domain spells )
10. Roll For gold And buy starting equipment.
11.Choose starting languages. A character starts with none, some, or all of the additional language slots from intelligence. It is often wise to leave a few slots open to learn new languages during the course of play. All characters with the exception of barbarians have literacy in any languages they start with.
12. Spell-casters choose their default spells memorized list.
13.Choose a name for your character, and any other pertinent background or physical details. Non-clerics may choose a religion if they desire.

House Ruled Class-specific information


• Turn Undead – This affects undead that can hear the cleric’s exhortations and see him wave his holy symbol. In many cases, undead will be turned that the cleric cannot himself see. Otherwise, there is no maximum range to this effect.


• Shape-change - Druids cannot cast spells while shape-changed.


Mixing with Magicians - Barbarians can adventure with magic-users and clerics even at 1st level. However, they will not come to their aid and they certainly won't allow themselves to be recipients of beneficial spells


Surprise - Rangers cannot gain their special surprise bonus wearing anything heavier than studded leather armor. Rangers improve the standard chance of surprise by 1; I.E. the normal 2 in 6 becomes 3 in 6; if surprising another party with a ranger in it they even the chance to 2 in 6.


Find Traps - If the thief fails the percentile roll, he/she can still possibly find the trap by asking to check for the right things, as can any character class. Basically the percentile roll reflects the character's skill, but does not negate the player's skill.

Move Silently – This skill is generally only necessary outside of melee combat. A failure on the check does not mean the thief was heard; the thief is still moving quietly. But the opposition can now roll for hearing

Remove Traps - Failure to remove a trap does not immediately trigger it. Instead, a d6 is rolled where 1-3 = safe and can try again, 4-6 = trap set off


Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Encounters in or around Castle Daggerpoint #1

Encounters 1: Dead man cometh

As the Pc's arivve at the rock looking for any clues that could betray the the bleak sun, tell them that the weather has turned sour while they are trudging though the Fens. Tell them that the air they breath is colder, the fog is thick and your hopes of this being a only a days excursion ripped to shreds. As they reach the rock tell them the storm that was brewing for the last 5 hours has now came to its precipice with the slow pitter patter of cold water on your helmets or hoods.

Features: The area on which they stand was a sacrificial plot, where the old drudiac gods were apeaised. The only prominent feature in this clearing is a 3 foot high chisled rock that has been made to look like a Dirk with iron bands used to subdue the sacrifices to the rock.

This whole clearing is on a slight incline which leads to a hilltop on which they can take in the utter drabness of the surrounding area. But on the bottom of this incline lies a treeline save for a small well trodden pathway. Wich leads into a steep valley wall.


While the party’s is deciding what to do, have the wisest make a perception check, If failed Blindside them with the following.

6 Black guards
1 Bleak reaper

as they squabble have the Bleak reaper step out into the clearing (put some metal music on! :) )

Description: As you talk among your selfs (insert name of ranger/scout) Holds his hands up to hold conversation. His eyes widen with horor. A man on top of the hill stands with 6 other men dressed in black iron. The man in the cloak stands head and shoulders above the other men, holding what seems to be a wheat scythe in one hand. He points at (roll dice to figure out who) the men around him march down the hill.

Have the player that was pointed at Make a save or die roll. Have him fall unconscious if he fails.

the bleak guards are Highly skilled Monks that have been trained in the art of infighting. Though they look like killers, They are only skilled at subduing their quarry, so they can be sacrificed later.

They march down hill while chanting their disgusting hymns and draw their clubs/cleavers. And charge down hill.

They receive a +4 circumstance to hit when charging because of momentum.

They flee down the hill When more than 4 of them are dead.

Experience 350 XP


While fleeing seems cowardly, It was a smart move for them, in either case the Pc's Have to choose between following the Cloaked MU or follow the 3 cultists.

Both leads to castle Daggerpoint.

Monday, 4 April 2011

The Fenwatch

The Fenwatch is a grouping of lakes and marches located within the kingdom of the Rose. Known for its hospitality and its mead it also hosts the birthplace of Old king drewik. But all is not well in the marches. Men and women slaughtered in their houses, Children missing and Crops rotting! The church of tyr is sending its high priest to rid this land of the blight It has been wallowing in for the last decade. What mysteries lie within the bogs? will it be death? or rebirth?

Castle Daggerpoint

Hi guys, This adventure area can be dropped into any land mass by just changing some of its history!

Daggerpoint Castle

Just like every thing in the greater area of Fenwatch, This castle is a small wonder/testament to the older races that once lived in this area. Castle dagger point was made to guard a simple caravan trail from marauding bandits and orcs from afar. The castle once housed a farmers field Just inside the main gate, so they could be self sufficient if the time came for s long and drawn out siege. The men stationed in castle daggerpoint were stern dwarfs and humans, Clad in dark-steel And marked with the seal of their fiefdom. They wielded two-handed swords that were forged the day they took the oath to guard the lives of the passerby’s from this castle.

People say This castle gets its name from the Rock just 2 days walk from the gate. The Rock was said to have been used for Druid sacrifices in late harvest time.

Current events:
Lost in the ages Castle Daggerpoint has been missing for two ages.
Some People argue that the castle was taken down for stone in the early 3th age for the great keep at Mahrition. Some people say that the Trolls ate it over time. While some people would have you believe that its still out there housing the ever watchful souls of the guards.

In fact all those rumors are just that, rumors! Well except for the last one. The castle is still out there. But its not filled with the lost souls of the guards. Its a magic school. Training a small priesthood of necromancers for the “betterment” of the area. These Necromancers are part of the Clerical order of the bleak sun. Their only goal in life is to apprise their disgusting god Nurgle

possible Future events:

If the Pcs do not figure out the strange doings whiten the span on a month (or moon cycle) the priesthood will have enough of a sacrifice of gold and flesh to summon their masters entity, The bleak one.

Which will then devour the land slowly.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Tomb of HalIk-detora the wise

Tomb of HalIk-detora the wise

Situated with a mile from Dagger point lies a ring of rock still standing in the fen-watch, a small Crypt of dwarfish craftsmanship stands, made using near by granite deposits. This is the final “resting place” of Halik-Detora the wise King of of Kirkwall (from 124 BU). He is in fact still living. He gives the appearance of a middle aged man dressed in a crimson robes writing. Encircled by a ring of magic He is trapped here. His dilemma is this: Back in 225 BU Halk was engaged in a battle of high magicks with a lesser daemon. Mortally wounded by a knife the daemon fled while he had the chance. It is said that within his last seconds of life he encircled himself and a small piece of land with a magick that held his life-force within the land. If he were to leave the circle, He would die. But within his circle  He did not need water food or sleep, Nor could any weapon harm him.
Halik-Detora has since become a fabled mythological figure, Said to bless passerby’s and guard over them while they rested.

This is true

When the players enter with three hexs of the crypt, Every 4 hours the tress sway towards the resting place almost like as if the land its self is inhaling, the players can sleep whiten that range of three hexs and will not have any encounters for that night.

If the player and pin point the location (by ascending a tree or what not) They can clearly see a clearing in the wooded area,They will also notice a small breeze almost pushed them towards the crypt.

Have a storm blow in the day they get into range, With no shelter The storm might overtake the party. Just to add a little incentive to be adventure.

When the crypt is in sight, Play up the suspense by putting some ambient noise, Have lightning crackle

Read aloud “ A grave yard stands atop a hill, With a large crypt in centered on the pinnacle. The cast iron fence surrounding the graveyard has long since rusted over leaning inward towards the crypt. A small brambled dirt path leads up towards the grave yards”

This grave yard is where great men of Florha quest to bury their beloved in hopes that they will be Protected by Halik-detora for eternity

If the Pcs exzamine the grave markers
roll for the names
1 Here lies gravarde learder of the bulderberrys
2 Here lies Goursmon Lord of evergale
3 Here lies Fredrick the bold, Adventure unto death
4 Bodak leader of the white paws
5 Here lies Jake Juals killed in battle
6 Un marked

The wind ever so often pushes up against the players in the direction of the crypt no mater where they are situated on the map.

Read this when the pcs aprocach the crypt Recite the fallowing. “As you ascend the hill you notice that the walls of the crypt are covered from top to bottom with rusted equipment and weapons. Most have decayed into nothing.” Read this when they are standing at the door “ The door stands wide open and you can hardly keep your balance because of the gusts of wind blowing at your back. You can see steps leading down into a dark room.....”

When they descend have Halik-Detoro siting at a huge Desk engraved with runes with his head resting on a book.

As soon as they cross into the circle Halik-Detoro wakes up slowly and rubs his eyes.

And stands

and then bows

“Hailk-Detoro De maskoro The 8th king Of the empire of roses, At your service”

Have any bard roll a bardic knowledge.

Refer the player to a piece paper above.