Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Recent history of Florah

BU: before unification
AU: after unification

Start: 0 BU Year of the Golem
    • The start of known time. And the first recordings of the petal throne- a non violent malevolent leadership made up of the elders of wandering nomads.
      ( the fist recorded society and the founder of the “Common tongue” a way to talk to other tribes and leaders)
    • The magicians guild is formed (Teaching the ways of peace though knowledge)

250 BU Year of the Ram
    • The petal throne was crushed by the Irongate empire- a lose knit band of merchant clans (Houses) bent on controlling the land the petal
    • (The first recorded ruler of the clans was Coarath Bendith, But was over thrown by a rival later that year)

270 BU Year of the Fox
    • The the next Irongate leader is chosen.
    • An splinter group of the magicians guild is formed, Naming themselves the necromancers (the magicians guild demanded that they stopped their self sacrifice or “self mutilation”)

300 BU The cataclysm
    • The irongate conglomerate fall For a unknown cause
    • Florah falls back into chaos

400 BU: Year of our lord
    • A boy is born to a guardsman in a merchants tower in the fenwatch

435 BU: Year of miracles
    • A war breaks out between two warlords that will decide who rules florah
    • During the battle of guromonda hold both the warlords are fatefully wounded by each others swords, and are forced with a decision. Both without sons their kingdoms will split apart.
    • Whilst bleeding out They decide to give their kingdoms to a young warrior named tyr
    • The warlords perish and tyr is crowned the second ruler of florah
    • Tyr unites both kingdoms and rules for the next 100 years.
    • The necromancer guild swears fealty to the throne

465 BU: Year of deceit
    • The magicians guild elects their second Arch Mage a warlock named Sullunar of the wild
    • He gathers a force to overthrow Tyr and his empire, in hope to rule Florah for himself
    • The war of Sullunar the warlock begins

1 AU Year of god hood
    • Tyr destroys Sullunar in battle, ending the war.
    • Tyr ascends to godhood to better watch his kingdom
    • Tyr decrees that all races equal.
    • Tyr decrees that magic is outlawed
    • Tyr decrees all religion shall be unified into one “Great church”
    • All Magicians are now gaurded by an holy church order “The knights of Tyr”

2 AU Time of peace
    • A Renaissance occurs

1346 AU
    • Tyr has not been heard since 1000 AU
    • skeptics believe he has left for good

1365 AU: year of the dragon
    • A new emperor is chosen by Laying hundreds of toys outin hopes of a child picking the childhood toys of tyr
    • The third emperor of Florah is named Fenrick Du galard
    • the Suldante empire forms
      ( a group of deep wilderness dwellers that value nature over man)

1458 AU:
    • Fenrick Du Galard dies by assassination
    • Domonic Havaland (a Suldanese man) seizes the throne

3453 AU:
-The Suldanite wars begin and Florah is engulfed in an miserable 30 year war
- Gulma Future feared Orc warlord is born

3483 AU:
-Brin summerland is killed by a Suldanese scout
-The Suldanite war ends when both armies call truce on the grounds of bankruptcy

Your journey begins

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