Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Places of the Floren Empire

The places of the Floren at a glance.

Fenwatch: The Fenwatch is a cluster of land near the Southern tip of the Empire. The land is Known for its deep lakes and smelly Marshes, and As a result people are dissuaded from entering into the fenwatch. The fenwatch is loosely populated and the people living whiten are considered “Marsh people” (Think the Cajun people). Though the people live Hard lifestyles they enjoy a close knit community with little to none outside interference.

The Golden Coast: Situated on the far west coast of the empire This long strip of land is the longest non patrolled Highway of the empire. Stretching from the bottom of the empire and snaking its way beside the sea and warping around the top of the continent. Most men and women of the Floren empire live on the coast in small walled towns or Large city's making for a wonderful vibrant society of merchants and specialty workers. Though vastly uncontrolled the peoples take solace in small professional militias and highly trained body guards.

Irongate: The vast amount of land in the middle of the Floren empire belongs to Throne it self, and the city that houses it. Back before the Floren empire was conceived There stood a great Merchants guild called Irongate. It was ran by the dwarfs of Ironhill and their thralls, They ruled for many years enforcing harsh rules and horrible punishment for the crime smitten. And one day, They all disappeared.

Now Iron gate stands as the center of the Floren empire, With hundred of people living in the capitol of the realm, Overlook. A proud city that always seems to be milling or building or digging or farming.
Always. The city holds the throne of which good king Joseph sits dictating what need to be done for which situation.


  1. Cool place. I think Fenmarch would be a better name though, and probably more fitting in terms of word-roots. Just a suggestion!

    Rock on!

  2. It does sound better than the fenwatch!

    Btw Welcome!