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Tomb of HalIk-detora the wise

Tomb of HalIk-detora the wise

Situated with a mile from Dagger point lies a ring of rock still standing in the fen-watch, a small Crypt of dwarfish craftsmanship stands, made using near by granite deposits. This is the final “resting place” of Halik-Detora the wise King of of Kirkwall (from 124 BU). He is in fact still living. He gives the appearance of a middle aged man dressed in a crimson robes writing. Encircled by a ring of magic He is trapped here. His dilemma is this: Back in 225 BU Halk was engaged in a battle of high magicks with a lesser daemon. Mortally wounded by a knife the daemon fled while he had the chance. It is said that within his last seconds of life he encircled himself and a small piece of land with a magick that held his life-force within the land. If he were to leave the circle, He would die. But within his circle  He did not need water food or sleep, Nor could any weapon harm him.
Halik-Detora has since become a fabled mythological figure, Said to bless passerby’s and guard over them while they rested.

This is true

When the players enter with three hexs of the crypt, Every 4 hours the tress sway towards the resting place almost like as if the land its self is inhaling, the players can sleep whiten that range of three hexs and will not have any encounters for that night.

If the player and pin point the location (by ascending a tree or what not) They can clearly see a clearing in the wooded area,They will also notice a small breeze almost pushed them towards the crypt.

Have a storm blow in the day they get into range, With no shelter The storm might overtake the party. Just to add a little incentive to be adventure.

When the crypt is in sight, Play up the suspense by putting some ambient noise, Have lightning crackle

Read aloud “ A grave yard stands atop a hill, With a large crypt in centered on the pinnacle. The cast iron fence surrounding the graveyard has long since rusted over leaning inward towards the crypt. A small brambled dirt path leads up towards the grave yards”

This grave yard is where great men of Florha quest to bury their beloved in hopes that they will be Protected by Halik-detora for eternity

If the Pcs exzamine the grave markers
roll for the names
1 Here lies gravarde learder of the bulderberrys
2 Here lies Goursmon Lord of evergale
3 Here lies Fredrick the bold, Adventure unto death
4 Bodak leader of the white paws
5 Here lies Jake Juals killed in battle
6 Un marked

The wind ever so often pushes up against the players in the direction of the crypt no mater where they are situated on the map.

Read this when the pcs aprocach the crypt Recite the fallowing. “As you ascend the hill you notice that the walls of the crypt are covered from top to bottom with rusted equipment and weapons. Most have decayed into nothing.” Read this when they are standing at the door “ The door stands wide open and you can hardly keep your balance because of the gusts of wind blowing at your back. You can see steps leading down into a dark room.....”

When they descend have Halik-Detoro siting at a huge Desk engraved with runes with his head resting on a book.

As soon as they cross into the circle Halik-Detoro wakes up slowly and rubs his eyes.

And stands

and then bows

“Hailk-Detoro De maskoro The 8th king Of the empire of roses, At your service”

Have any bard roll a bardic knowledge.

Refer the player to a piece paper above.

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