Thursday, 31 March 2011

The Gnarled Hoof Inn

The Gnarled Hoof

Fren, Fren garret Is ma name.. You beed welcome here any time Travala. Just you hand me the pretty penny and ill hand yha yor lock.

Fren “The hand” Garret
4th level Theif/1st level fighter

The Gnarled Hoof Is a fine establishment for Resting/Drinking/Fighting/Fornication. (Or RDFF for short) Run by the garret family since The great elven Assembly fell into the slump its in now. 3998 Years to be precise. Glen Garret was the first half-ling to set foot into the Fen-watch with his wife Marry Prodlook. Looking to find a farming community that would allow His kind to settle in. once his Farm was razed by “gods know what” at “Gods know when” For “gods know Why” He turned to heavy drinking. Which led his wife to ask a simple question... “how is this ever going to make me money?” Glen smiled And passed out, and ever since the Garret Family has been brew-master/Brew-sellers since the dawn of the 4th age.

Built from The Cherry redwood which is ever in abundance in the Fen-watch The most recent reincarnation of the “Drinkery” ( The last one was burnt down), was built to western dwarfish standards Just late last Year. But thanks to the Garret fortune, looks better than ever. The I beam Of the “Drinkery” is said to weigh just over 1500 Pounds and was hauled begrudgingly from the Dailsh forest from the north, the giant piece of wood is said to calm Horses/Lesserfolk of the area.

The Brewery is Shrouded in mystery because know one know where it resides. But with the amount of ale that is consumed, It must be a LARGE area.

The inn is a two story building made out of rough hewed stone. While the inside is made of Pine/Cherry woods. The inn has a large entry way, Which is also the common area for sleeping. This room centered with a small fire place emits a forge like heat, People say that you can feel the heat from the out side on cold neverwinter days.

Fren Garret: Master proprietor of the gnarled Hoof, Is a motley fellow. His clothes are ripped from countless weight increases. Hair slicked back from the sweat of the fires. But the man has a stellar sense of moral direction. He will trust anyone anywhere for anything. Be it The tab you cant pay, or the fights you start, this man will forgive you at a drop of a helmet.

That being said, Very wrathful when it comes to people trying to court his daughters.

Heilda Garret: Wife/Master of Fren. The most lady like of the hill dunlings you will ever meet, Hilda at any time can be found at the kitchen, Cooking/Cleaning/Salting/Storing/Washing any thing the girls hand her. She is not so morally righteous when it comes to her/Frens Business. Known to hide criminals or sell stolen items for even the smallest profit. She is a business woman, And she will tell you that.

Kara Garret: At age 35 Kara MUST be a witch, Her beauty could stop an Orc from fighting, an Orger eating, and a elf from prancing around all willy nilly like. She assumes the role of the barmaid. And no one complains If it was not for the beer that is dirt cheep, the Men would show up just for Kara. Her personality unfortunately takes up after her mother, Bargaining/Hiding/Cheating to get her way. That being said, when in trouble she just has to bat her eyes and her father soon forgets it.

Katylin Garret: Like most girls her age, in the Fenwatch; Katylin is obsessed with swords/fighting tales. And would pay money to see an Orc fight a crocodile bare handed. She is in control of the inn, But is most of the time MIA during most of the day because of her wanderlust.

Teleporting into the blogosphere

Hi All!

I will deflower this blog with a song from Florah the land of myth and legend...

The hale rained
an earthquake hit
and then a gust of wind
then all I saw then was my reflection

My comrades stood encased with glass
No sounds
No movement
just death

The havens then opened
a man then appeared
Clenched jaw he stood angered at them.

A voice rang

The light ended

And I looked on the face of my god
And I wept
- The vengeance of Tyr