Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Encounters in or around Castle Daggerpoint #1

Encounters 1: Dead man cometh

As the Pc's arivve at the rock looking for any clues that could betray the the bleak sun, tell them that the weather has turned sour while they are trudging though the Fens. Tell them that the air they breath is colder, the fog is thick and your hopes of this being a only a days excursion ripped to shreds. As they reach the rock tell them the storm that was brewing for the last 5 hours has now came to its precipice with the slow pitter patter of cold water on your helmets or hoods.

Features: The area on which they stand was a sacrificial plot, where the old drudiac gods were apeaised. The only prominent feature in this clearing is a 3 foot high chisled rock that has been made to look like a Dirk with iron bands used to subdue the sacrifices to the rock.

This whole clearing is on a slight incline which leads to a hilltop on which they can take in the utter drabness of the surrounding area. But on the bottom of this incline lies a treeline save for a small well trodden pathway. Wich leads into a steep valley wall.


While the party’s is deciding what to do, have the wisest make a perception check, If failed Blindside them with the following.

6 Black guards
1 Bleak reaper

as they squabble have the Bleak reaper step out into the clearing (put some metal music on! :) )

Description: As you talk among your selfs (insert name of ranger/scout) Holds his hands up to hold conversation. His eyes widen with horor. A man on top of the hill stands with 6 other men dressed in black iron. The man in the cloak stands head and shoulders above the other men, holding what seems to be a wheat scythe in one hand. He points at (roll dice to figure out who) the men around him march down the hill.

Have the player that was pointed at Make a save or die roll. Have him fall unconscious if he fails.

the bleak guards are Highly skilled Monks that have been trained in the art of infighting. Though they look like killers, They are only skilled at subduing their quarry, so they can be sacrificed later.

They march down hill while chanting their disgusting hymns and draw their clubs/cleavers. And charge down hill.

They receive a +4 circumstance to hit when charging because of momentum.

They flee down the hill When more than 4 of them are dead.

Experience 350 XP


While fleeing seems cowardly, It was a smart move for them, in either case the Pc's Have to choose between following the Cloaked MU or follow the 3 cultists.

Both leads to castle Daggerpoint.

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