Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Session 1: MURDER???? IN MY INN?

Ahhhhh, it feels good that after six months of planning and scheming like a madman. I could finaly sit down with the guys and play the bloody game.

Well for 25 minutes before people had to leave

Also with an HOUR of character generation for a LL game. Not that I should be complaining about that. it was good to see all the guys again and they have some wonderful characters that are just rearing to play with.

any hoo

I started with a small anecdote about why and where they are:
“ You Stand wet cold and dejected in front of a male Elf. Bugs, rain, and highway fees Has made this one of the worst treks you have ever included yourself in on . All of this Just to go get into the fenwatch. A glorified marsh. Not to mention that the Floren empire has not payed you for your time spent soldering.
“Dont forget about me.”

Those words echo
Davids lasts words echo. He died when you were ambushed on a patrol out in the syndicate highlands, David took a arrow for you a poisoned one, it was a slow death

the man Snaps “ Who gave you my sons sword?” He points at you 

 his eyes seem to hollow when he realizes

His legs give out and he drops to a low milking stool. Staring with a solemn intensity at his sons sword."

And so the shenanigans begun when a kid popped out from behind the stable where they were talking to the Mr Summerland. and walked up to Regnar the mountain troll.... I wont bore you with the "Deets" (details)  but it ended with the troll slapping the kid and angering the father who then threw them out and back onto the road.

But thank god for the well spoken Yeoman Of the group who talked his way back into the inn (Using Sirs and the like). After an awkward dinner and "funeral" they were sent to bed. only to be awoken by the sounds of slamming doors and yelling. Trill the assassin was in the room closest to the late night Debacle and was adamant in looking out the window. Where he saw a mugging taking place involving a scholar that they met earlier an three barely clothed ruffians that were stealing papers from the scholar.

An explosion and A bright flash of light occurs Trill then falls faint and collapses to the ground.

The others rush downstairs with the other guests and find the Mage stabbed, a ruffian missing his upper torso and paper strewn about.after a short chase into the woods the ruffians jump on their horses and make their getaway.

with no clues of who scholar is or why he was killed, They are only left with the papers strewn about.

After much deliberation and time, the papers seem to be filled with complex mathematical equations coupled lunar cycles.

after even more time and deliberation the thief solves the math equations and figures out that a tower is set to rise from the nearby sea every ten decades.
And the date it said to rises out of the ocean is tonight.....

all in all the session was to short and we were missing two player.

But it was still fun.


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