Monday, 4 April 2011

Castle Daggerpoint

Hi guys, This adventure area can be dropped into any land mass by just changing some of its history!

Daggerpoint Castle

Just like every thing in the greater area of Fenwatch, This castle is a small wonder/testament to the older races that once lived in this area. Castle dagger point was made to guard a simple caravan trail from marauding bandits and orcs from afar. The castle once housed a farmers field Just inside the main gate, so they could be self sufficient if the time came for s long and drawn out siege. The men stationed in castle daggerpoint were stern dwarfs and humans, Clad in dark-steel And marked with the seal of their fiefdom. They wielded two-handed swords that were forged the day they took the oath to guard the lives of the passerby’s from this castle.

People say This castle gets its name from the Rock just 2 days walk from the gate. The Rock was said to have been used for Druid sacrifices in late harvest time.

Current events:
Lost in the ages Castle Daggerpoint has been missing for two ages.
Some People argue that the castle was taken down for stone in the early 3th age for the great keep at Mahrition. Some people say that the Trolls ate it over time. While some people would have you believe that its still out there housing the ever watchful souls of the guards.

In fact all those rumors are just that, rumors! Well except for the last one. The castle is still out there. But its not filled with the lost souls of the guards. Its a magic school. Training a small priesthood of necromancers for the “betterment” of the area. These Necromancers are part of the Clerical order of the bleak sun. Their only goal in life is to apprise their disgusting god Nurgle

possible Future events:

If the Pcs do not figure out the strange doings whiten the span on a month (or moon cycle) the priesthood will have enough of a sacrifice of gold and flesh to summon their masters entity, The bleak one.

Which will then devour the land slowly.

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